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At Sywell CE Primary School the curriculum forms the basis for our learning and the experiences our children enjoy during their time with us. Our curriculum encompasses creativity, culture and sporting opportunities through a themed approach. We link our learning together through broadening the values and opportunities we provide for our children as they grow and develop into young learners.

Our curriculum is planned progressively and it promotes an enjoyment of learning and a commitment to learning and achieving. We plan our curriculum around themes incorporating all subject areas that last between 4 and 12 weeks, starting with 'sparkling starts' to engage learners and 'fabulous finishes' to share or consolidate learning. The whole school will cover three themes over the course of the year and these over- arching themes are repeated every two years and are built upon. Within each term, the pupils will be taught both the knowledge and skills required to progress through the curriculum areas.

Curriculum Progression

The National Curriculum has been carefully divided and allocated across year groups and Key Stages, to ensure that skills are taught progressively and that subject knowledge is developed year upon year. We have considered the skills and knowledge in each year group carefully, to ensure pupils have opportunities to build upon, and consolidate, their prior learning. 

Our curriculum is planned to develop children’s self-regulation, motivation and independence. By the time pupils reach Upper Key Stage Two, we expect them to take full responsibility for their learning, becoming reflective, self-resourcing and motivated learners. Throughout their journey at Sywell, this Curriculum policy outlines the key expectations for each stage in school; we encourage pupils to set their own goals and targets and move their learning on, to ensure that they are challenged.

How have we amended our curriculum to meet the needs of our pupils? 

Our Curriculum is designed to inspire and motivate pupils to be the best that they can be. It is designed to develop independence and provide pupils with memorable learning opportunities.  They gain the chance to take part in events which they may otherwise not have the opportunity to experience. 

We aim for our Curriculum to be exciting and to nurture a passion for learning, encouraging inquisitiveness and confidence throughout our school ethos ‘Working Together in God’s Hands’. We balance our Curriculum to develop skills and knowledge in equal measure. We promote both academic and skills-based learning to develop pupils' capacity to learn and work independently and collaboratively, in order to encourage the best possible progress and outcomes.

For more information on our school curriculum please view the Nursery and Reception/KS1 and KS2 pages.