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Pupil Absence

If your child is absent from school, please telephone the school office before 9:00am, on each morning of absence, to let us know the situation. There is a dedicated absence reporting line where you can leave a message - just press 1. If we have not heard a reason for your child's absence by 9:30am, it is our statutory safeguarding requirement to contact you.

Children should NOT be taken out of school for holidays during term time. Any such incidents are recorded as ‘unauthorised’. If the term of unauthorised absence exceeds 5 consecutive days’ parents will be reported to North Northamptonshire attendance officers and fines may be issued. For more information regarding Penalty Notices for term time holidays please see the ‘Penalty Notices Guide’ download on this page. Time may be taken in ‘exceptional circumstances’ by completing an absence form available from the drop down menu on this page. ‘Exceptional circumstances’ are defined as ‘unavoidable, necessary and short’.