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Health and Wellbeing

We aim to:

  • Promote mental health as part of everyday school life
  • Improve the emotional wellbeing of staff and pupils
  • Identify mental health problems early and offer appropriate support
  • Ensuring people know the importance of mental health awareness
  • Include opinions and suggestions from parents, pupils and staff

We believe that feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to the overall health of an individual, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what they want out of life.

Currently within school, we promote and explore mental health and wellbeing through SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural) lessons, P4C (philosophy for children), mindfulness sessions and Mental Health awareness days. We have a chill zone where children can go if they would like to have some time to reflect and talk to an adult.  

Please click the image below for a presentation called "Feeling Low Feeling Better".