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  • Bottle green sweatshirt (Plain or with a Sywell logo)
  • White or green polo shirt (plain or with the Sywell logo)
  • Grey tailored trousers or shorts (no denim)
  • Black, grey or white socks
  • Black shoes


  • Bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan(Plain or with a Sywell logo)
  • White or green polo shirt/white cotton shirt (Plain or with a  Sywell logo)
  • Grey pinafore dress or skirt or tailored trousers or culottes (no denim)
  • Green and white gingham dress (summer only)
  • Black, grey or white socks (with or without a plain or green gingham frill) or black grey or bottle green tights
  • Black shoes

PE Kit

  • Short sleeved team colour crew neck t-shirt. A plain  t-shirt will be provided by school
  • Black shorts for indoor PE
  • Black tracksuit jogging bottoms for outdoor PE (plain, no brand logos)
  • Dark trainers for outdoor PE (plimsolls may be worn for EYFS and Key Stage 1 indoor PE)
  • Light grey crew neck sweatshirt (plain or with a Sywell logo)


  • Girls: one-piece costume, swim hat, towel
  • Boys: fitted trunks (no loose shorts), swim hat, towel

All pupils require a weather appropriate coat/waterproof jacket with them every day.

There is no obligation to purchase clothing with the school logo, although if sourced elsewhere, the clothing purchased should match the school colours and have no other branding or logos. Playsuits are not deemed to be acceptable in Reception class as children have to fully undress when toileting.

Sywell branded items may be purchased online from the school’s uniform supplier, Brigade, at

    • Sweatshirts/Cardigans
    • Polo shirts
    • PE t-shirts/sweatshirts
    • School book bag or back pack
    • School PE bag
    • Storm jacket (optional)

The following items may be purchased from the school office:

            Swim hats

            Baseball caps with school badge