Cluster Gymnastics Competition 5/2/18

On Monday 5th February 2018, Sywell competed in a cluster gymnastics competition. The competition lasted the whole day, with the Year 3/4 round being held first, followed by the Year 1/2 round and finishing with the Year 5/6 round. All of the rounds consisted of 6 competing schools. Children were judged in 3 areas: floor, body management and vault.

The children who represented our school worked really well; showing great determination and perseverance to complete their routines. They also showed great teamwork towards each other as well as positive sportsmanship towards the other schools competing.

Our Year 3/4 team finished in 5th place.

We entered an A and a B team into the Year 1/2 competition and both teams performed their routines well. Team B finished in 6th place and Team A finished in 2nd place.

Our Year 5/6 team finished in 5th place.


Well done once again to Rebecca, Leah DH, Leah PT, Layla, Maisie, Holly, Analiese, Dylan, Poppy, Holly, Reuben, Dolly, Kyle, Emma, Ella and Zoe for your efforts!


Cluster archery afternoon

On Wednesday 8th November, Sywell hosted a KS2 archery competition for the cluster. The other schools that attended were Overstone, Pitsford and The Bramptons. 

The afternoon consisted of the children playing various games which enabled them to practise their archery skills. The children worked in mixed groups so that they could work with different children from the cluster. All children worked with enthusiasm and supported each other throughout the activities. Well done to Morgan, Lottie, Evie and Finn for representing our school so well, once again, and thank you to the Sports Crew for helping to run the afternoon.

Team building day

Today at Sywell, we have had a team-building day for the whole school. It's been a fun day for both children and staff and the children have had the opportunity to try new tasks and work with different people. Some of the tasks included making items of clothing out of newspaper, problem-solving activities, teaching others a new skill and a pumpkin hunt.

As part of our day, we welcomed Team Rubicon Skateboarding in to teach the children some skills on a skateboard. All of the children who took part really enjoyed the experience and it was great to see the progress that many of them made during their session. 

The team work shown by everyone has been fantastic as well as the perseverance they have shown to complete the activities. Well done all!