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Ethos and Values


“Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves.”

Romans 12:10


Our School Vision

Our Christian Narrative (Romans 12:10) speaks to us of the unity of people working towards a shared purpose, whilst recognising and accepting people’s differences.   At Sywell CE Primary School we are all “Working Together in God’s Hands” to build our community based on the values of love, respect and fellowship.  These foundations underpin our holistic approach to supporting the whole child as an individual in their educational, social and spiritual growth.  Together, we endeavour to ensure that every member of our community feels they are an important and valued part of our school.


Our School Ethos

Our Christian Narrative is taken from a letter from St Paul to the Romans and refers to the unity of people through working towards a shared purpose, whilst recognising and accepting people’s differences.  This also leads to three core values that will be evident in all we do: love, respect and fellowship. As a school the education we provide is not just about the pupils’ academic progression, we also support the development of our pupils into kind, caring and understanding individuals, and we believe these values are key to this. 


“The Christian ethos of the school clearly values and develops the uniqueness of each child.” (SIAMS 2018)


In support of the development of our pupils as individuals, we also undertake work on a number of other Christian values across the course of a two year rolling programme.  These are promoted to help children respect the diversity within their community, differences between themselves and others, and the environment. Our pupils will leave school with the confidence, ability and desire to make good choices.


Pupils’ conduct, care and respect for each other plays a significant part in their feeling of safety when in school. They have been taught to support and value each other and they say they will always be helped by their teacher if they are worried.” (OFSTED 2017)


Our underpinning Christian ethos is echoed in our Behaviour Policy which advocates a positive approach to behaviour management through a set of Guiding Principles. These principles represent our core values and promote our school vision.  They are used not only to set out the expectations of pupils, but also of staff and visitors to the school.  We believe that all adults working with our children should lead by example and conduct themselves according to the same principles set out to the children.


Guiding Principles Leaves