World War One Day

On Monday 10th October 2014 Class 2 had a World War One Celebration Day. The children came into school dressed in clothing that would have been worn during the early 1900s and the teachers also got involved. The children had a workshop in the morning with a man from the Education Group and he was dressed as a soldier from WW1. He had the children perform a soldier's daily routine and they thoroughly enjoyed following his strict orders: standing to attention, making right and left turns, getting down into the press up position. It was very tiring! The soldier then got out some replicas of weapons that would have been used during the war- this was definitely the favourite part of the workshop. Some volunteers were chosen to hold the bayonette and the soldier modelled some defensive strategies.


After the workshop the children sat down to complete their times tables using black card and chalk. They really enjoyed doing this, however I'm not too sure that they would have liked to do this every day like in a Victorian School. They also learnt some Wartime songs. 

In the afternoon, Mrs Bradley prepared some corned beef for everyone to try. Corned beef was used in Maconchie's Stew, so we wanted to get the children  to see what the soldiers would have eaten. Some pupils loved it, others were not so keen!

To finish the day, I taught the children some Ragtime dances. They worked in pairs and had to perform the bear routine and the waltz. Everyone loved the bear routine because of the silly faces you had to pull and the body shapes that you had to make. Some visitors were looking around the school whilst we were practising, so we asked Mr Lunn if we could share the bear dance with them. They all seemed very entertained!  

We had a brilliant day learning about World War One!